Posted by: Fiona Skye | 15 March 2010

Quick Update

I have only heard back from two beta readers about my manuscript.  One gave me killer advice and the other made the fatal mistake of saying, “It was good.  I enjoyed it.”  Like I said in a previous post, while I do enjoy having my ego stroked, this is not exactly the kind of hard-hitting, thoughtfully written feed-back I was angling for.  The other three haven’t responded to either an email I sent out a few days ago or the initial email I sent out two months ago.

All of this leaves me wondering a few things.  One – is my writing such utter crap that only people with very strong stomachs can stand to read it?  Two – if you sign up to do something as important as read someone’s manuscript, with the implicit understanding that you’re reading to give feed-back, and you don’t ever give that feed-back, why did you sign up in the first place?  Three – why the hell am I doing this again?


I’m feeling horribly, terribly down on myself lately and this is just kind of another blow to my already shaky sense of self.  I am constantly wondering if I have what it takes to become a published author.  Right now, more often than not, the answer is a resounding no.



  1. Not every beta reader is right for every book, though…keep trying! It’s too important to just let go.

    I’d try finding readers who match your genre (even then, some folks won’t be good matches.) I’ve heard good things about The Next Big Writer (an online group).

    Good luck!


    • Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth. I’ll check out that group for sure.

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