Posted by: Fiona Skye | 15 January 2010

Nerves and other news!

I’ve just sent my beta readers the zero draft of MoC. I’m wicked nervous about this. I hope they’re gentle with me!

I’ve also begun research and note-taking on the next project, a high fantasy caper story. I’m excited about it. I hope I can really do the idea justice.

How’s the writing going in your world?



  1. My writing is in the plan and plan again stage but I think I’ll be ready to throw myself into a new draft soon.
    Good luck with your writing and I hope it goes well.

  2. Good luck with the beta readers! That’s really exciting!!

    As far as myself, oi. Everything is stalled due to life. My boyfriends parents gave me a book about writing in a busy life & how to fit it in – I may need to read it now. If I had the time. Alas.

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