Posted by: Fiona Skye | 6 January 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

I have finally finished “A Murder of Crowes”. It’s only two weeks over-due, but it’s finished at long last. It’s the longest thing I’ve ever written and I think I’m most proud of it, too.

My next step is to gather my group of beta readers and send out the finished manuscript to them. Then I am hiding the file somewhere on my hard drive and not looking at it again until the beta readers get back to me with their comments and stuff. Then…the part I hate the most begins.

The editing.

Ugh. I am not looking forward to this part at all. I think it’ll be incredibly difficult to go through my baby and cut parts of her out, change bits of her, move some of her bits around. I think it might actually verge on being painful. If, however, I’m serious about this whole writing-for-publication odyssey (which I totally am!), I need to learn how to edit…and edit…and edit some more before my baby’s ready for queries.

But for now, I am resting on my laurels, enjoying a celebratory glass of pink lemonade made by The Man, and playing The Sims 3 until dinner. I think I’ve earned it!

(Oh, by the way, I’m giving away free desktop calendars over at The Photographic Odyssey. Grab January’s image today!)


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