Posted by: Fiona Skye | 18 December 2009

My Muse Has ADD and Other Excuses…

So, I know I promised myself that I would have the zero draft of MoC done by Christmas Day and out to beta readers just after the first of the year. And I’m only about 15,000 words away from finishing it. It’s just…well… You see, my muse has ADD and I seem to have re-injured a previously broken finger in a fit of Scottish rage.

I blame the fact that my muse has allowed herself to be distracted from MoC on the TV show “Castle”. Have you seen it? It’s pretty damned good. Sure, it’s no Supernatural or Numb3rs, but it does have Nathan Fillion in it and well, he makes me happy. Plus the writing is funny and the acting is tight.  There was a show about an aging jewel thief on last season and that got me thinking about how much I love caper movies (The Thomas Crown Affair, Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job, etc) and how I’d love to write a caper book. So I started thinking about my thief, The Dragon, and then an idea blossomed in my head and I’ve been throwing myself head-long into research for this new book for the past two days.

Now, about the hand injury. If you’ve ever known anyone of Scottish extraction, you might be aware of our tempers. We do have a long, slow-burning fuse, but once we ignite – LOOK OUT! Big, giant, messy explosion. Add in female hormone issues, daily stress and two weeks straight of both children being out of school and under-foot, and you’ve got a very tense situation. A probably pointless argument with The Man touched it off this afternoon and in a fit of rage, I punched the kitchen counter, re-injuring my right pinkie finger, which was broken in two places some 15 years ago.

Anyway, long story short, I’ve typed this entire thing without the benefit of my pinkie finger – the finger I use to hit the enter, period, and backspace keys – and my wrist and finger are throbbing now.  I think I’m going to have to put off finishing MoC until this heals and until I can get The Dragon out of my head.  I sincerely hope that it won’t be too long and that The Dragon will learn to be quiet and wait his turn.  I’ll have revisions to do, Mister, and then you can have your turn in the spotlight.



  1. I’m sorry about your pinky. I hope that it’s not re-broken and it heals quickly.
    Oh no. I have this same problem with a noisy person in my fourth book… I’m writing number 3. She’s never stops talking. I wish they would make a pause button for the imagination. I would use it just on her until I’m done with book number 3. 🙂
    Good luck with ‘The Dragon’ and the little finger.

  2. I hope your finger gets better soon.
    Midway through editing the other day I had a sudden inspiration for a story I’ve been turning over in my head for literally years (I originally had the idea for the character about four years ago and I’ve changed my mind so many times I’m not sure the story resembles anything like the original idea at this stage). Of course I couldn’t keep editing until I got some of the idea written down and next thing you know I had an outline and two chapters of a draft and my editing still wasn’t done.
    Wishing you luck with your writing and I totally agree with you about Nathan Fillion.

  3. Good gravy!! I hope your finger heels quickly. I’ve only ever broken a bone once from a cartwheel when I was a kid. Painful, painful stuff.

    Muses are such pains in the rear end. Always whining and disappearing and fall victim to plot ninjas all the time. They need to whipped into shape!

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