Posted by: Fiona Skye | 16 December 2009

Bloody brilliant article

The Smart Ass Guide to Dealing with Dream Zappers

You’ve met them, I’m sure.  Every writer has.  The people who tell us to grow up and join the real world.  The people who ask us who the heck we think we are to believe that the codswallop we’ve written will ever be published.  The people who take our hopes and dreams and squish them underfoot like roaches.  Reading this article will definitely help you deal with these sorts of…um…”people” in the future.  It’s a great read!



  1. I am an old doc. I see a lot of people who just hope to survive. I can’t understand some people out there who seem to get some sort of perverse joy from hurting people’s feelings. There is a saying I like: “Never laugh at someone’s dreams. It might be all they have.” (And for that matter one day they may come true)

  2. What Dr. Tom Bibey responded to this post really made me so glad to have written it; his comment almost brought tears to my eyes. I am happy that you found the article useful – cheers to following your dreams and your heart, and to finding happiness and peace with what you’re doing.

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