Posted by: Fiona Skye | 5 November 2009

10,000+ Maniacs!

I have just passed the 10,000-word mark with my NaNoWriMo MS.  I can’t believe how well this story is going!  It’s flowing out of my fingers like water…or blood, which is perhaps a little more appropriate because the story is about vampires after all.

I think this amazing flowiness is because I’ve decided this is the year that I get serious about this writing thing.  I’m gonna hit that 50,000-word goal and then double it in December.  Then the MS will rest until spring, like a flower bulb.  Come March, I’ll revise and edit, revise and edit, revise and edit.  Then, maybe if I’ve grown the cojones, I’ll send out queries to agents and beg them to represent me.  And then, possibly sometime in 2011, I’ll be able to send my mother a copy of my book and say, “See, Mom?  I told you that one day I’d be a writer!”

Cross your fingers for me!  Oh, and if you’re involved with the craziness that is NaNoWriMo, add me as a Writing Buddy.  I need all the help I can get!


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